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June 16, 2011

Lulzsec Leaked 150,000 Emails / Passwords. Check if you’re one of them here

Hacker group Lulz Security has been busy over the past five weeks. It has successfully managed to hack Sony BMG,,,, and its US X Factor contestant database, and InfraGard websites and has released over 150,000 names, emails, phone numbers, da.

Recently, the group has been taking hacking requests, bringing down a number of gaming servers, publishing a large number of login details for premium porn websites and on Thursday released a set of 62,000 usernames and passwords, reportedly stolen from

If you are worried that your email address, passwords and other sensitive information has been compromised, I saw a useful tool that checks if your details have been revealed online. Just type in the e-mail address and it will tell you if your details have surfaced online.

If you have, we advise changing your passwords immediately, or possibly consider setting up a new account.

This widget checks the lists with an email address and is the absolute best way to see if any of your personal information, such as email accounts, passwords, home addresses, telephone numbers and more, have been compromised. If your email is there, your other information very well may be as well. This widget checks all of LulzSec’s publicly released lists, not just the latest one. This makes it a more complete check than tools.

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